Gwernyfed Community Council
Serving the communities of Three Cocks, Felindre and Glasbury (South Bank) in the Brecknock district of Powys

Councillors Contacts

Clerk to Community Council

Rachel Jones
Tel: 01497 847931


Community Councillors:


Andrew Jones (Chair)
Tel: 01497 847931
Ray Jeffries
Derek Price
Tel: 01497 847489
Margaret David
Tel: 01497 847769 
David Edlin
Tel: 01497 847017
Eric Hoole
Tel: 01497 847400
Cheryl Hyde
Tel: 01497 847464
Graham Day

Mike Bugler






Unwelcome Visitors?
See the latest Welsh Government advice regarding harmful weeds and invasive non-native species.
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Glasbury School Development
Powys has received amended plans from the developer in relation to the Tramroad Cottage application. The amendments remove the ‘upper’ section of the scheme and reduces the development to five dwellings. The new plans will be uploaded to Powys website in due course.
For more details - click here.

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We love this - a booky bus shelter created by the residents of Felindre

more photos of your great ideas wanted please!

And the winner is.... meet the designer of the new Gwernyfed Community Council website logo

Harvey Draper with his winning prize vouchers

National Plant Monitoring Scheme
To take a look at the National Plant Monitoring Scheme - click here.